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All Returning All-Americans at 125 lbs

125 lbs has a ton of All-Americans returning to the field for the 2021-2022 season. The only wrestler who has made the podium multiple times is Spencer Lee, who is seeking his 4th NCAA title.

Below is a quick look at every returning All-American at 125 lbs.

Spencer Lee (IOWA)

Placed: 1st, 1st, 1st

The Iowa Hawkeye won his first NCAA Championship as a true freshman in 2018. After losing to Nathan Thomasello (OSU) at the Big Ten Championships, Lee pinned him in the semifinals. He went on to defeat Nick Suriano (RUT) in the finals 5-1.

Though Spencer was the returning champ at 125 lbs in 2019, he had two losses earlier in the season to Sebastian Rivera (NW) and another loss to Nick Piccininnni (OKST). Though he never wrestled Rivera again that year, Spencer did avenge his loss to Piccininni in the semifinals. Then, he defeated Jack Mueller (UVA) in the finals 5-0 to claim his second title.

At last year’s NCAA tournament, Spencer Lee commanded his way to a third title by out-scoring his opponents 60-8. After his finals match against Brandon Courtney (ASU), Lee revealed that he won the championship with no ACLs.

In 2022 will Spencer Lee go down in history with Pat Smith, Cael Sanderson, Kyle Dake, and Logan Stieber as a 4X NCAA champion?

Brandon Courtney (ASU)

Placed: 2nd

During the 2021 NCAAs Championships, Brandon Courtney defeated #19 Eric Barnett (WISC), #6 Jakob Camacho (NCST), and #7 Taylor LaMont (UTV) to make the finals against Spencer Lee. He battled him with a scoreless first period until Spencer really came alive and ended up winning 7-0.

Pat McKee (MINN)

Placed: 3rd

Talk about a performance! Pat McKee entered the 2021 NCAA Championships as the #15 seed. Then after losing to #2 Sam Latona (VT) in the second round, McKee won six straight matches, three of them by fall, to finish in 3rd place.

Vito Arujau (COR)

Placed: 4th

Unfortunately, Vito was unable to compete in 2021 due to Ivy League rules, and of course the 2020 NCAA Championships were cancelled. But in 2019, Vito made the podium. He lost only two times at the tournament, both times to #1 seed Sebastian Rivera.

Taylor LaMont (UTV)

Placed: 5th

Last year LaMont turned heads when he upset the #2 seed Sam Latona in the quarterfinals (7-4). He dropped a close match to Courtney (2-1) in the semis and ended up beating Latona for 5th/6th.

Pat Glory (PRINC)

Placed: 6th

Glory is in a similar position as Arujau with a cancelled tournament in 2020 and no season last year. But back in 2019, Glory made the stand after a hard-fought tournament.

Sam Latona (VT)

Placed: 6th

Though LaMont upset Latona in the quarterfinals, Sam still came back in the consolations by defeating DeAugustino (NW) and Cardinale (WVU).

Killian Cardinale (WVU)

Placed: 7th

#17 Cardinale ran into a tough second round match in Spencer Lee. But he did not give up and beat #18 Surtin (MIZZ), #8 Foley (MSU), and #6 Camacho to become an All-American.

Rayvon Foley (MSU)

Placed: 7th

As a sophomore, Rayvon Foley earned a spot on the podium with an amusing NCAA tournament that ended with a bang. He lost early to Arujau but won three matches in the consolations to make it past the blood round. He ended up beating #4 Ronnie Bresser (ORST) 7-4 for his placement match.

Eric Barnett (WISC)

Placed: 8th

Besides Wisconsin fans, nobody expected Barnett to become an All-American in 2021. As the #19 seed, he upset #14 Lane (LEH) in the first round before losing to Courtney next. Barnett bested #21 Mastrogiovanni (OKST) and #9 Schroder (PUR) in the consolations to make the podium.

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