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Class of 2019 Incoming College Freshmen Wrestling Report

Who is the #1 incoming freshman in the class of 2019? The most recent graduating high school seniors bring in a loaded class with guys going to major big name wrestling schools like Ohio State, Arizona State, Penn State, and Cornell, to name a few. But, these top 100 recruits, ranked on FloWrestling’s annual Big Board, are also committed to up-and-coming wrestling schools like Northern Colorado, Columbia, Fresno State, and more.

In addition, many of the wrestlers are from non-traditional wrestling states, which makes the future of the NCAA Wrestling Championships even more exciting! For this year’s class, Fanco Wrestling presents the facts about the top 100 incoming freshmen. Which states do these seniors come from, and which high school did they graduate? Where are they going to college? Fanco Wrestling Show Host, Josiah Hritsko, also shares the top tournaments where these recruits wrestled, including Beast of the East, Powerade, Ironman, and Super 32. Learn how these wrestlers will bode against the rest of NCAA college wrestling competition in 2020 and beyond!

How can you learn more about these top 100 incoming freshmen?

  1. Watch the full video series on the Fanco Wrestling YouTube Channel
  2. Download the Class of 2019 Incoming Freshman Report HERE.