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Class of 2020 Incoming College Freshmen Wrestling Report

Who is the #1 incoming freshman in the class of 2020? This year’s list of the best freshmen in the country is loaded with talent. Compared to last year’s Class of 2019 Report Card, I dove even deeper into these freshmen stats. How, you may ask?

The Fanco 50 are based upon many factors. I first compared the top rankings between FloWrestling, The Open Mat, Intermat, and Matscouts to find the top 200 recruits. Then I created my own rankings based upon where those top 200 guys placed at the 12 “toughest” tournaments in the nation. I assigned a scoring algorithm to each tournament based upon “toughness” and placing. From there I compared all available rankings to find the Fanco 50.

This is the definitive list of guys coming into schools like Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Penn State, and Iowa. They come from all over the country, including dominant wrestling states like PA, OH, NJ; however, there’s also an unexpected crop from WV, CO, and AZ. This is exciting news for wrestling fans because the talent continues to grow across the U.S. year after year.

The Fanco 50 in the Class of 2020 are an exciting group of wrestlers. If you haven’t watched my video series, I recommend you watch that first so you can hear all about these top 50 freshmen. Find out which freshmen have undefeated records, how many have won 4 straight state titles, and which school has the best overall class. And for the first time ever, I’m revealing the Top 12 TOUGHEST tournaments in the country. This is a guide full of data and stats that you will not find gathered anywhere else on the internet. So STOP STALLING and download the free report today!

How can you learn more about the Fanco 50 incoming freshmen?

  1. Watch the full video series on the Fanco Wrestling YouTube Channel
  2. Download the Class of 2020 Incoming Freshman Report HERE.

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