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FloWrestling vs. Rokfin: Which is Better for You? (Ultimate Guide)

The great new battle in the wrestling community is FloWrestling vs. Rokfin, and this article will help you understand the ins and outs of both platforms so you can make an informed decision before you subscribe to either.

Since 2006, FloWrestling has held a firm grip on content in the wrestling world. Even with Intermat, The Open Mat, and other news sites, FloWrestling found a way to captivate wrestling fans with high quality, on-the-mat sports coverage. But with Martin Floreani’s newest creation Rokfin taking the wrestling world by storm, is FloWrestling still good enough to keep wrestling fans attracted at a high price point?

If you’re having difficulty deciding which site to use or just want to know “what does FloWrestling cost?“, then keep reading to find out whether you should subscribe to FloWrestling or sign up for Rokfin.

Pricing Models Compared

Quick Answer: $150/year for FloWrestling; $9.99/month for Rokfin

One of the biggest points of contention in this Rokfin vs. Flo battle is cost, so let’s talk about it. First, how much is a FloWrestling subscription? FloWrestling’s pricing model is certainly controversial because there is no monthly plan. Even though they market their subscription as $12.50/month, if you want FloWrestling you must pay the full $150/year annual cost up front. Note: FloWrestling offers coverage on 25 sports and depending upon which of their sports sites you subscribe to first, you may be able to find a month-to-month plan.

Rokfin, on the other hand, has a strictly monthly subscription model for $9.99/month. Sure, you’ll pay $120 if you have it for a full year, but you can always cancel for a few months when you’re not using it. Some fans find this Netflix-comparable model easier to digest considering they may already be dishing out hundreds of dollars for other streaming services every month.

FloWrestling offers an annual membership, while Rokfin offers a month-to-month subscription

How to Subscribe to Each Site

Luckily, signing up for each website is easy. If you’re wondering how to join Rokfin, you can click here to start your free or paid membership. To subscribe to FloWrestling, you can click here. However, if you’re not ready to get started just yet and need more information, please continue to read.

Which Content is FREE?

Quick Answer: varies per site

Both websites do, in fact, offer forms of free wrestling content. On FloWrestling, you will find most general news articles, watch guides, and occasional columns for free, even without an account. To access free content on Rokfin you are still required to sign up for a free account. Then you can access specific podcasts, videos, and articles.

If you want the more in-depth previews, rankings, or videos, then you will have to sign up for a paid account. FloWrestling marks paid content as “Pro,” while Rokfin marks it with “Premium.”

Who Has More Content?

Quick Answer: FloWrestling

This is a tough question to answer because FloWrestling has been around since 2006, while Rokfin was founded a few short years ago in 2018. If you’re asking about overall content, then FloWrestling easily gets the point. So, let’s take another approach. . .

What Content is Available?

Quick Answer: articles, rankings, videos, interviews, podcasts, live events on both platforms

How do you compare FloWrestling vs. Rokfin when both sites have articles, videos, rankings, and podcasts available on their websites and mobile apps? Let’s look at their points of differentiation.

If you enjoy wrestling stories, you may be drawn to FloWrestling’s FloFilms, such as those done for Thomas Gilman, Brent Metcalf, and Jordan Burroughs. They also have rankings galore for every conference in D1 to high school, domestic freestyle, and international.

FloWrestling rankings are typically a wrestling fan’s go-to to find out who’s #1 in each weight class. Flo publishes content daily (almost hourly), including technique breakdowns with Mike Mal and the FloWrestling Radio Live podcast with Christian Pyles and Ben Askren.

Rokfin brings a different approach to its content. While Flo has a team curating content specifically to grow FloWrestling’s brand, Rokfin allows individual content creators to publish content. Think of Rokfin like YouTube; you choose which content creators you want to subscribe to and watch. For example if you subscribe to Willie Saylor, then you will receive updates when he publishes his weekly podcast MatScouts and nationally-acclaimed high school rankings.

There are plenty of content creators on Rokfin, such as IAwrestle, PA Power Wrestle, Ben Askren, Jason Bryant, Joe Williamson, Justin Basch, and many others, so the content rarely runs dry.

The platform also allows creators outside of wrestling, so you’ll find BJJ, MMA, political commentary, and other creators, but for the purposes of this article we’re focusing on the wrestling content. Whether you’re looking for interviews, in-depth articles, or matches, Rokfin is gaining content on a daily basis.

Rokfin offers high-level freestyle events, such as NLWC, Wisconsin RTC, and PWC

Which Live Events are Better?

Quick Answer: varies depending on what you want to watch

Both Rokfin and FloWrestling stepped up their game with “Live” events in 2021. FloWrestling has always promoted live matches, duals, and events, and even changed their tagline to “Be there” to focus more on live video content. Because of this, their content has a high production quality.

If you subscribe to Flo, you can watch events at all levels: high school, college, domestic, and international. Be wary: live content and events change every year based upon Flo’s licensing contracts. While FloWrestling used to have rights to Big Ten coverage, they no longer do; however, with their acquisition of TrackWrestling, they will be increasing coverage to over 10,000 new events. If you’re wondering how to watch FloWrestling, you can watch on the mobile app or even on your tv.

Rokfin also has events available at all levels, but on a different scale. You can watch amazing freestyle cards from NLWC, Wisconsin RTC, PWC, etc. Great headliners included: Gilman vs Gross, Dake vs Nolf, and Taylor vs Dean. You can even watch specific high school events across the country for Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, and other states. Many colleges even held live wrestle offs on Rokfin in 2021.

The risk you take with Rokfin is that different creators have different budgets. Some productions, such as the NLWC events are super high quality, while others aren’t so high tech.

If you’re wondering about running concurrent streams, here’s what I’ll tell you. Any time I’m sharing a FloWrestling account I get booted during live events, so only one stream works at a time. Using Rokfin, I have been able to watch on multiple devices without getting kicked off.

Do They Both Support Growing Wrestling?

Quick Answer: Yes

If you’re paying over $100 per year for a service, you want to make sure your money is going to a good place. While there is no guide to exactly how FloWrestling or Rokfin disperses their profits, there are a few indicators as to how each platform “grows the sport.”

FloWrestling focuses on growing wrestling by supporting athletes with their “Flo Cards.” For example, when Kyle Dake wrestled Frank Chamizo, each was paid a large pre-determined purse. Looking at Flo’s 8-man bracket, eight wrestlers competed in freestyle to win $25K. FloWrestling focuses on innovations in the sport and always pushes boundaries to keep making wrestling profitable and enjoyable for fans.

Rokfin also pays athletes for certain events, but their focus is more on supporting wrestling content creators. By allowing individual coaches, athletes, teams, and media to upload content to their site, they directly help each creator monetize their content. This correlates to more wrestling content for wrestling fans, thus “growing the sport” by pumping money into wrestling.

FloWrestling offers a large selection of wrestling film documentaries.

Does Fanco Prefer FloWrestling or Rokfin?

Quick Answer: FloFilms (FloWrestling); NLWC Events (Rokfin)

If you’re looking for Fanco Wrestling’s personal opinion, I do like both platforms. I frequently look to FloWrestling for quick rankings, but I also like to compare Willie Saylor’s Crystal Ball Rankings on Rokfin. I used to listen to FRL every day in college, and I still occasionally listen; however, I honestly just don’t have that kind of time anymore.

My favorite part about FloWrestling is their FloFilm vault with all of their documentaries, while my favorite thing about Rokfin is the NLWC events. I’m a big Penn State fan, and in my opinion FloWrestling tends to ignore Penn State related topics. So I love that Coach Sanderson is posting NLWC content directly to Rokfin.

Verdict: FloWrestling vs. Rokfin

If you have the money to get both FloWrestling and Rokfin, then I say go for it! But if you’re strapped for cash, here’s what you should know. . .

FloWrestling provides entertainment more for wrestlers, coaches, and fans who deeply follow wrestling. If you’re the type of fan who cares about Cadet Nationals, NHSCAs, international tournaments, and domestic freestyle wrestling, then you should probably subscribe to FloWrestling. However, if you have more of an interest in wrestling discussion, pro-tips, and rankings, and freestyle cards from wrestling content creators, then you should sign up for Rokfin.

Below is a comparison chart with sign-up links to make your decision even easier.

Founding Year:20062018
Price:$150/year (annual)$9.99/mo. (monthly)
Some Free Content:Yes (no account required)Yes (free account required)
Available Content:Articles, Rankings, Videos,
Interviews, Podcasts, Live Events
Articles, Rankings, Videos,
Interviews, Podcasts, Live Events
Live Coverage:International, Domestic freestyle,
Collegiate, High School
International (limited),
Domestic freestyle,
Collegiate, High School
Mobile App:YesYes
TV App:YesNo
Concurrent Livestreams:OneMultiple
Quality:High QualityHigh Quality
(ranges based on creator)
Download Offline:NoYes (some)
Ease of Use:Easy to navigateTakes time to adjust to interface
Who Should Use:High-level coaches, athletes, & fans who want live events, daily technique, and in-depth articlesFan who enjoys discussion, pro-tips, and rankings directly from content creators
Where to Buy:Sign up for FloWrestlingSign up for Rokfin

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