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Comparing Hidlay vs. Kemerer: Can Hayden’s Jump to 174 lbs be a Game Changer?

Two Pennsylvania studs Michael Kemerer and Hayden Hidlay have had relatively similar careers. Both won PA State Championships in their senior years, became 3X All-Americans as of 2021 (each an NCAA finalist), and bumped up from 157 lbs to 174 lbs. Now each Super Senior has announced (in creative ways, may I add) his return for one final season. The question I have for you today is: can Hayden make the same jump that Kemerer did by bumping up two weight classes?

Success at 157 lbs.

First, let’s discuss each of their successes at 157 lbs. Kemerer wrestled his redshirt freshman and sophomore seasons at the weight and earned All-American status both years. He entered his first NCAAs as the #2 seed with only two losses on the year, both to Jason Nolf. The Hawkeye was upset in the quarters by Dylan Palacio, who gave a memorable interview after the match, but he battled back for 3rd. That, of course, was Hidlay’s redshirt year and the only time these two have gone head to head, when Kemerer bested Hidlay 9-6 at Midlands.

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