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How I Make YouTube Thumbnails | SPEED RUN

Have you ever wondered how I make such eye-catching thumbnails on YouTube? (Watch here) 

It’s more of a process than you may think. In fact, sometimes it takes a few hours!

Oftentimes I create 3-5 thumbnails to see which one people are more likely to click and watch.

This is an important step in the YouTube video process. If people don’t click on the thumbnail, then they don’t watch the video. If they don’t watch, then they won’t join our awesome community.

Little known fact – I’m self-taught in all video and photo editing. So I’m proud of my thumbnails.

My first ever “Photoshop” attempt was actually a wrestling poster for my high school back in 2017. It took me 3 weeks to create, and I was super stoked about it at the time. However, when I look back on it now I’m so embarrassed. (Comment below if you want to see it).

Fast forward to today and I can push out a poster of that magnitude in less than a few hours.

I’ve even created a lot of Photoshop art on the side (besides wrestling), and that’s a ton of fun too.

Anyways, enjoy this behind-the-scenes speed run video and let me know which thumbnail was your favorite.