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How Much is a FloWrestling Subscription – Is it Worth It?

You’re finally thinking about subscribing to FloWrestling, but you’re wondering “how much is a FloWrestling subscription?” and “Is FloWrestling worth it?”This article will help you understand why you should or should not subscribe to FloWrestling for the wrestling season.

What Does FloWrestling Cost?

Quick Answer: $150/ year for a FloWrestling subscription

Let’s start by discussing just how much is a FloWrestling subscription? A FloWrestling subscription, also known as FloPro, costs $150 annually. Even though they market their subscription as $12.50/month, you will pay the full cost up front for full access to the website.

Other wrestling-based sites such as Rokfin have decided to go against FloWrestling’s pricing model and charge customers a monthly subscription price instead. For a full breakdown on FloWrestling vs. Rokfin and which is better for you, you can read this article.

If you’re a college wrestling fan, $150 may seem like a high cost to pay when you watch wrestling only for five months from November through March. However, there are additional benefits included in the FloWrestling subscription that may keep you enticed through the other months of the year.

what is included in a flowrestling subscription for $150

What’s included in FloWrestling Subscription Price?

Quick Answer: rankings, events, films, and exclusive content

Then next question you may be asking is: what’s included in the $150 price? The great news for FloWrestling subscribers is that there is a lot of wrestling content packed into the subscription price. In fact, Flo boasts that they hold the biggest collection of wrestling content on the planet. Additionally, you will receive access to all other sports content that FloSports has to offer, including grappling, track, gymnastics, and 20 more sports.


First of all, if you like rankings, then look no further. Included in your subscription are rankings galore! You will get FloWrestling high school rankings, college rankings, and international freestyle rankings. These are updated throughout the year before and after big events like Fargo, Super 32, NCAA Championships, World Championships, and the Olympics. If you’re a big high school wrestling fan, you will also enjoy the high school wrestling big board.


When FloWrestling purchased TrackWrestling in 2021, they promised to combine resources for coverage on nearly 10,000 wrestling events worldwide. Click here for a full list of upcoming events. Below is the sampling of events you can watch on FloWrestling:

  • UWW events like the World Championships
  • USA Wrestling events like Fargo, World Team Trials, and Final X
  • Certain NCAA Duals and Tournaments
  • High School Events like PIAA State Championships, Super 32, and Powerade
  • FloWrestling Events like Dake vs Chamizo, Burroughs vs Taylor, and Who’s #1


In addition to events, you can get up-to-date notifications on the latest FloWrestling matches and tournaments within FloArena. Set reminders for updates on your favorite wrestlers and teams. For example, if you want to follow Penn State at the NCAA Championships, all you need to do is set a reminder in FloArena and you will receive text messages about mat assignments and scoring updates throughout the event.


Think of FloFilms as Netflix for wrestlers. FloWrestling has produced in-depth documentaries on wrestling teams, All-Americans, National Champions, and Olympians. Below are a few of the best FloFilms to watch now:

Exclusive Wrestling Content and Coverage

On top of rankings, events, and FloFilms, you will also gain access to technique videos with Mike Mal, interviews with the biggest wrestling stars, statistical analysis and breakdowns, event previews and results, and the NCAA transfer tracker.

complete flofilm library, we are: cael's first decade, my best rival: kyle dake vs david taylor, metcalf, the story of cary kolat, and more

Which Content is Free?

Quick Answer: free content varies. Expect to pay for live events

If you’re wondering how to watch FloWrestling for free, you may be out of luck for college or international matches. However, there are still free pieces of content on FloWrestling. For example, most general wrestling news articles, watch guides, and certain columns are free, even without an account. The site’s main podcasts, FloWrestling Radio Live and The Bader Show are also free and available on YouTube. You can explore FloWrestling for free, just beware the “Pro,” which denotes paid content. Don’t expect to watch any of FloWrestling’s duals or events for free.

How to Watch FloWrestling?

Quick Answer: use the FloSports App

Another great part about subscribing to FloWrestling is the FloSports App. Within the app you can access the entire FloSports library and stream your favorite wrestling matches live on your phone or tv.

Is FloWrestling Worth It?

Quick Answer: varies based on what you want

Finally I can give my personal opinion about FloWrestling and whether you should subscribe. Full disclosure, I am a FloWrestling subscriber and have been for years.

FloWrestling used to be geared more towards college wrestling, especially when they owned the rights to Big Ten duals. Licensing agreements are always changing, so make sure you know how to watch your favorite college wrestling team before you subscribe to any platform. But to me, Flo has changed to a more freestyle-and-international-interested audience. They promote big events, such as Russian Nationals, which I, frankly, do not care about. If you love international freestyle wrestling, then subscribing is a must.

The best part about FloWrestling, to me, is the FloFilm library. I enjoy the highly produced content that the Flo team puts together, and I applaud them every time. I also like to check out their rankings just to compare to other outlets, including my own. As for the other content? I used to listen to FloWrestling Radio Live every day in college, but I strayed away only because of my busy schedule.

In conclusion, I will personally continue to subscribe to FloWrestling if they continue to push out high quality content.

Verdict: Should You Subscribe to FloWrestling?

Quick Answer: Yes if you’re a wrestling superfan

If you are a wrestler, coach, or fan who deeply follows wrestling at all levels and likes to know the ins and outs of rankings, then you should subscribe to FloWrestling. Do you care about NHSCAs, Final X, Fargo, World Team Trials, and other major wrestling events? Then you should probably subscribe. But if you’re a casual fan who just wants updates on wrestling news, then I suggest you do not spend the $150 and instead follow a different wrestling outlet with free content, such as Fanco Wrestling.

You can click the link to subscribe to FloWrestling today.

flowrestling logo
Founding Year:2006
Price:$150/year (annual)
Some Free Content:Yes (no account required)
Available Content:Articles, Rankings, Videos,
Interviews, Podcasts, Live Events
Live Coverage:International, Domestic freestyle,
Collegiate, High School
Mobile App:Yes
TV App:Yes
Concurrent Livestreams:One
Download Offline:No
Who Should Buy:Coaches, athletes, & fans who want
live events, technique, and in-depth articles
Where to Buy:Sign Up for FloWrestling

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