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If College Wrestling Had Political Ads

Hey Channel Members! I teased this video last week and finally finished editing it. I’m stoked to reveal this video to you EARLY. This is NOT an actual political video. But with all of the bizarre, annoying ads I get inundated with on YouTube, I thought, “what if wrestling had political ads?”

Obviously there is bad blood between certain teams (*cough Iowa & Penn State cough*), so those made for some fun attack ads. However, some teams would make their ads positive as you’ll see. There are 8 various ad styles I came up with for this video.

Some behind-the-scenes: I had this idea months ago, recorded the audio four weeks ago, then filmed the final few scenes last week. I edited it a few hours each night for the past two weeks. Videos like these take A LOT of time to do, but to me they are super fun to make. I very much enjoyed creating this video, and I hope you enjoy it too! 😃