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Longest Active D1 Win Streaks in NCAA Wrestling

Who currently holds the longest wrestling win streak in the NCAA? The list below shows the top 10 streaks.

For clarification, medical forfeits & injury defaults do not count as losses but they do count as wins. Furthermore, this list do not include redshirt wrestlers or graduating seniors.

StreakWrestlerSchoolWeightLast LossDateWhere
75Yianni DiakomihalisCornell149Jaydin Eierman (IOWA)December 30, 2017Dual
38Spencer LeeIowa125Sebastian Rivera (RUT)March 10, 2019Big Tens
36Roman Bravo-YoungPenn State133Sebastian Rivera (RUT)March 7, 2020Big Tens
29Keegan O'TooleMizzou165Jake Wentzel (PITT)March 19, 2021NCAAs
28Carter StarocciPenn State174Michael Kemerer (IOWA)March 6, 2021Big Tens
20AJ FerrariOklahoma State197Noah Adams (WVU)February 14, 2021Cowboy Challenge
11Max DeanPenn State197Cam Caffey (MSU)January 23, 2022Dual
6David CarrIowa State157Hunter Willits (ORST)March 17, 2022NCAAs
5Aaron BrooksPenn State184Myles Amine (MICH)March 6, 2022Big Tens
4Parker KeckeisenNorthern Iowa184Bernie Truax (CAL)March 18, 2022NCAAs
4Austin O'ConnorNorth Carolina157Dazjon Casto (CIT)March 17, 2022NCAAs

Top 5 Longest Active Streaks

Yianni Diakomihalis

At the top of the list of longest-active winning streaks is Cornell’s Yianni Diakomihalis. The senior hasn’t lost since the 2017-2018 season when he dropped one to Jaydin Eierman.

Yianni has a chance to break into the all-time winning streaks in the 2023 season.

Spencer Lee

There’s a big drop off in wins from #1 to #2, but Spencer Lee still has not lost since 2019. His last loss was to Sebastian Rivera, and he remains unbeaten at all of his NCAA tournaments.

Roman Bravo-Young

At first cautious to return to college wrestling, RBY is back at Penn State for one final season. Just like Spencer Lee, Roman’s last loss is also to Sebastian Rivera in the Big Ten finals.

Keegan O’Toole

The youngster, Keegan O’Toole, has only one blemish on his collegiate resume: Jake Wentzel. Though his win streak has remained active since then as he seeks his second NCAA title in 2023.

Carter Starocci

Carter Starocci dropped a tough loss to Iowa’s Michael Kemerer in the 2021 Big Ten Championships. But since that time he defeated Kemerer three times and remains unbeaten in all other competition.

Outside the Top 5

Right outside of the top 5 is AJ Ferrari, who makes his glorious return to college wrestling this season. After losing to Noah Adams in 2021, he has kept a respectable streak alive.

However, keeping a winning streak alive at the Division 1 level of NCAA wrestling is difficult. Max Dean, David Carr, and Aaron Brooks all had significant winning streaks in 2022 until they each took losses.

That just goes to show that any one of these longest ncaa wrestling win streaks can be snapped at any time, even if the guy is one of the top pound-for-pound wrestlers in the country.

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