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Micic Returning to Michigan, Brands Fired Up About Women’s Team, & More Wrestling Headlines

As the college preseason continues to ramp up, major wrestling headlines have started to shape anticipation for 2022. One big piece of news is the fact that Stevan Micic is coming back to Michigan. And although the Wolverines dropped out of the National Collegiate Duals, another Big Ten team has joined the competition.

Below are recent wrestling headlines from the past week.

Stevan Micic Back for 8th Year

To be honest, I had given up hope that Stevan Micic would return to the mat. I did not think he even had eligibility to compete because I wasn’t sure if an NCAA athlete could take multiple Olympic Redshirt seasons.

Micic made his return official by announcing via Instagram, “I’M BAACK! One last dance, Team 100, and the big show is in Detroit. Everything is coming together.” And on his eligibility, he stated, “I’ve only competed in 3 college seasons. This last season for me and the team will be the greatest, God willing. . .”

To understand Micic’s eligibility breakdown, you can read this article.

Iowa Adds Women’s Wrestling

In a historic move, the University of Iowa has decided to add a women’s wrestling program to their athletics department. Iowa became the first Power Five conference to offer women’s wrestling as a Division I sport. Though they do not have a women’s head coach right now, the team plans to compete in 2023-2024.

Coach Brands even got fired up in a press conference when asked about sanctioning Iowa High School wrestling and said “I think in the state of Iowa, it’s a no-brainer.” In the press junket, Brands showed his passion for supporting women’s wrestling.

Currently there are over 90 women’s wrestling programs across D1, D2, D3, NAIA, NJCAA, and CCC.

Penn State Joins National Collegiate Duals

Michigan is out, Penn State is in for the National Collegiate Duals taking place December 20-21 in Florida. After the Nittany Lions released their schedule, fans began to ask what “Duals Fest” meant. Penn State initially was not a part of the event, but after Michigan pulled out Penn State was added.

Though there are 12 total teams competing in the event, expect to see an Iowa vs. Penn State championship.

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