New to Wrestling?

college wrestling rules and basics explained for beginners; in photo: mekhi lewis of virginia tech and ethan smith of ohio state

Whether you’re new to the sport or coming back, this is your masterclass for understanding wrestling basics, scoring rules, and top teams to know.

what are the college wrestling weight classes, in photo: 2021 ncaa wrestling champions; including shane griffith, carter straocci, aaron brooks, aj ferrari, gable steveson, spencer lee, roman bravo-young, nick lee, austin o'occnor, and david carr

Exactly how many college wrestling teams are there? Learn more about the total number of D1 wrestling teams, including newly added Division I programs and recently dropped programs.

how many college wrestling teams are there in division I NCAA wrestling, in photo: Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling team wins NCAA Championship

Can you stream your favorite D1 wrestling team on FloWrestling, Rokfin, ESPN+, or cable? This easy-to-understand guide breaks down how you can watch college wrestling.