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These 3 Central Michigan Seniors are Returning for Another Year

Chippewa fans have been waiting in anticipation for three seniors to announce whether they would return for another year of eligibility. The patience paid off in a good way, as the official Central Michigan Twitter account announced on Friday that all three seniors will return for “one more go.” They may have missed the deadline to make Fanco’s list of Most Bomb Announcements for Seniors Returning in 2022, but the eye-catching graphics likely would have made the top 10.

MAC Champions Drew Hildebrandt (125), Dresden Simon (141), and Matt Stencel (285) will all use their additional year of eligibility to compete for the Chippewas. Stencel earned All-American status in 2019, but fell short to Trent Hillger (WISC) and Austin Harris (OKST) this year. He will look to reclaim All-American honors, while Dresden Simon will seek his first podium finish after falling short in the blood round to Dylan Duncan (ILL). Hildebrandt was the only one in the trio to All-American this year. He placed 4th with big wins over Liam Cronin (NEB), Brody Teske (UNI), and Sam Latona (VT).

This news is huge for Central Michigan fans! Why? Central Michigan placed 2nd in the MAC this year behind Missouri, who recently switched conferences to the Big 12; therefore, 2022 may finally be Central Michigan’s chance to win a MAC Team Title for the first time in a decade.