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Unexpected D1 Duals Should Totally Happen in 2022

As a wrestling fan, you’re surely already anticipating the big rivalry duals like Penn State vs. Iowa, Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State, and NC State vs. Virginia Tech. Of course, those are always fun in-conference duals and all three definitely lived up to the hype last season. But, with restrictions hopefully (*fingers crossed) letting up next season, we should see more exciting out-of-conference duals.

As coaches prepare their schedules for the 2022 season, take a look at some of the duals that should totally happen in 2022.

NC State vs Penn State

The last time Penn State and NC State wrestled was back in 1994. Are you kidding me?! In recent memory, these two teams have been powerhouses in their individual conferences and on the national stage. Fans, including myself, have been dying to watch them wrestle.

Right off the bat at 125 lbs, Jakob Camacho vs. Robert Howard would be a fireworks match. Just a few weights up, it would have been fantastic to watch Nick Lee and Tariq Wilson square off for the top spot in the country. Wilson, however, is moving up to 149 lbs for next season, so he would face off against top-ranked incoming freshman Shayne Van Ness instead. Tariq clearly has the edge in experience, but if there’s something you can never do it’s doubt a Penn State freshman.

At 174. and 184 lbs. respectively, Carter Starocci and Aaron Brooks would face off against the “Brothers of Destruction,” Hayden and Trent Hidlay. That’s right – if you haven’t heard the news, 3X All-American and former NCAA finalist Hayden Hidlay is bumping up to 174 lbs. and could be big trouble. And who wouldn’t want to see a rematch of the controversial 184 lbs. finals between Aaron Brooks and Trent Hidlay? Whether they wrestle in Raleigh or State College, wrestling fans would show up in droves to watch this matchup.

Best Potential Matchups:

  • 149. Tariq Wilson (NCST) vs. Shayne Van Ness (PSU)
  • 174. Hayden Hidlay (NCST) vs. Carter Starocci (PSU)
  • 184. Trent Hidlay (NCST) vs. Aaron Brooks (PSU)
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